The Drunderry River runs narrow and fast through much of its course before tumbling into the lowlands beneath the Fallow Hills. From there, the river spreads out across fertile plains, laboring slowly to the south before emptying into the Elmarsh Lake. Until recently this area was unsettled. The writ of the King of Outremere has changed all this. Several small villages, thorpes and farming communities have been settled in this region since the King’s permission was granted. The village of Malforten, nestled along the banks of the Drunderry River near the Fallow Hills, is just such a place.

The people of Malforten are few in number, but sturdy folk with many a stout heart amongst them. Knowing they were settling at the edges of the kingdoms of Outremere and far from help if ever there was need, those who came here were of the uncommon and daring type. Lacking support otherwise, the people of Malforten have banded together and fought off many a wild beast, bandit, and raiding goblin. They even managed to defeat a marauding band of ogres before it lay waste to surrounding farms. They are proud of their independence from the Lords of Outremere and their capacity to care for their own. This is why they consider their current position with not a little embarrassment.

Malforten lies in the East March. This frontier region is known to be open to raiders, bandits and other nefarious creatures who fear no retribution from the West; so many villainous malcontents and upstarts thus come here to raid and, with each passing success, act with ever more audacity. Now Malforten has come under a more dire and grievous threat than ever before. A viscious gnoll warrior, Gritznak the Bold, has come to the Fallow Hills and taken up residence in an abandoned temple. From here, his band of raiders has encroached ever more often upon the steads of Malforten, taking cattle, grain stores, and stealing away a few residents for slaves or worse.

Though the men of Malforten have attempted to locate, trap or capture Gritznak, they have failed each time. Each failure has emboldened Gritznak to greater depredations, culminating with his coming to Malforten and demanding tribute. At their wits end, the leaders of Malforten called upon the Lords of Outremere for knights and soldiery to help defeat Gritznak the Bold (as they are duty bound to supply). However, the delegates from Malforten were rebuffed and their request for soldiery denied, as the wars to the west and south have consumed most of Outremere’s veteran warriors. However, to minimally meet their obligations, several Lords of Outremere have offered a bounty to any who might bring an end to the depredations of Gritznak the Bold.

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Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

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