Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

Ambushes in an out

After resting at the village for two nights (without any chance to buy any usefull stuff as the village’s so small …), we head back to the bandit’s lair.

As Baldar is scouting ahead, looking for another entrance, he stumbles on some of the bandits, among them Jakeson (their leader), preparing an ambush.


We fight them is the slope and trail leading to the lair, and though the leader and a wizard manage to flee inside, Dalgar the Dwarf and Andesa manage to capture one of them.

Once tied and woken up (an hour and a half later), he doesn’t tell much, except that there are few of them left, and no other entrance.

“Third time’s a charm” as they say, so we go back in, without subtlety, and are ambushed again !


And on top of it, bad luck is still upon us …
Despite the low number of foes (Jakeson, the sorcerer and two other bandits with daggers), Gefilte, Marshall, Beska and Andesa go down before the final victory.

So we decide to fortified ourselves in the treasure room, to give them time to recuperate overnight.

Next, the plan is to finish exploring the place, loot everything of value, and head back to the village, before embarking on a new adventure to Malforten.



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