Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

Another episode of a storied and fragmented histoire

The party is on the way to Malforten to capture a fugitive. In the late afternoon of the first day, we approach a small village. It has a small mill, a farrier, a small marketplace, and an inn.
We are approached by Dargal and Baldar, who wish our help in clearing out a nest of bandits in the area.
The next day, we find tracks that we think were used by the bandits, and we follow them to a small cave, at the back of which is a wooden door. The door is not locked, and Andesa hears some minor movements behind, but nothing major. We do see some light from under the door. Dargal pushes the door aside, and we see a muddy entryway. Two guards are asleep atop a pile of assorted loot.
Dargal charges in at the two sleeping guards. We quickly dispatch those two guards. We defeat some other guards who came out of a nearby guard room.
We explored a little more, and discovered a sleeping room full of resting guards. We quickly ran back to the entrance to hold a stand there, as there were too many for us to take on piecemeal.
Unfortunately, the fight did not go well. The final scene was one of all party members on the ground, unconscious and bleeding, with their victorious captors standing over them.


Thanks for the recap.
And you had the courtesy to not mention the various fumbles and wrong tactical moves (like not fleeing back to the village) ;)


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