Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

At the tower

Thunderday, 21st Uthdain, 1097 md

In the early morning, we arrive in the ruins of the glowing tower : tombs and arches, crumbled walls and a tower.
We note that only the base of the tower is glowing.


We found some decades old skeletons of globlins and orcs, but no recent activity from humanoids, but from large “cats”, larger that a lion !

The bottom of the tower is older (which is glowing) is older than the rest of the buidlings and remains.
Beska casts “Detect magic” and finds out that it’s a very old fainting magic/spell that exists there. Gefilte doesn’t detect evil in the stones.

Suddenly (and silently) a big kind of winged, horned lion (with jewels),
Its name is Nethretil (?)
Nethretil has lived for a very long time and he’s looking for information, that’s why he’s here (regularily) and fight evil also but in his own way.


It says that the ruins are named “Kuthrad Ondal”, and predates the Winter’s Dark, and predates even the coming of men.
It’s build on the base of one of the elven towers that guarded/circled the Tree Of Life.
One says that if you find all the towers, you can find the Tree of Life (and Nethretil is looking for it apparently). The elves thought that the Tree of Life was the source of all their powers.

Nethretil knows about “Baelon Nakt”, the evil/Horned One’s temple that Gritznak seems to use (and has unscealed recently), but it has never been there.
During the WInter’s dark, the Horned One’s minions tried to destroy every elven artefact/building, but the powerfull magic in there prevented that.
To find the temple, we have to go north, along the Imperial road, and look for the tracks of the evil servants.
He knows that evil is gathering power in the temple (and elsewhere ?) …
Nethretil knows and speaks with the fey we’ve met. If it has more information for us, it will tell them (feys) for us.
After the conversation, and our many thanks, it flies away.

We decide to visit the tower, which is a hollow shell now, except for the remains of the second floor, build in stones.
The elves and Dargal look for hidden entrances but found nothing.
In the afternoon, Aerran and Baldar go foraging and hunting, and we set camp in the tower.

Fireday, 22nd Uthdain, 1097 md

We go on the road again, and the terrain gets more marshy and lacks forest and game trails, so we have to walk along or on the old Imperial road.

We come upon an area with lots more foot traffic to the east, leaving the imperial road.
Those footprints seem to come from goblins.

Aerran and Baldar go on scouting for half an hour on the trail, which is build and dry among the marshes.

The group goes on the trail and … is attacked by giant spiders !


The paralyzing poison of the (3) spiders is too much for us and we have to flee and set camp elsewhere.
We need to decide if going further to the temple or back …



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