Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

The watchtower

Swordsday, 23rd Uthdain, 1097 md

After running away, foraging and setting camp, we spend the night and go on another goblin tracks.

As you walk along through the trees, you begin to hear the murmur of flowing water and you spy a small stream meandering along nearby, flowing from the direction you are heading. Further down the path, the splashing sound of falling water comes to your ears. You can see the stream coming from what seems to be the base of a cliff ahead of you. As you come into a clearing, you notice that the water that feeds the little stream is falling from an opening in the rock face about 20 feet above the valley floor, less than halfway up its height. The opening through which the rivulet falls is a circular hole about 8 feet in diameter. Though the rock face is vertical, there are plenty of handholds between the ground and the cave opening. There also seems to be a shallow stone shelf next to the opening itself. Near the stream origin is the remains of a watch tower.


Aerran and Baldar go scouting, finds the entry a tunnel with flickering torch light.
Seeing nothing more the rest of the group rejoin and we go into the tunnels, taking left at the first fork.
We hear running water on the right.


At this point the passageway begins to rise rapidly, ending in an ascent slope of nearly 60 degrees. Handholds and footholds abound because of the rock formations and small stalagmites on the floor of the passage. There are spots where the ceiling of the passage lowers to less than 3 feet on the climb. The footing is treacherous in places because of the water seeping and dripping from the roof in spots.

Aaaand … we roll for initiative at this point, as some goblins show up.

After winning this easy fight (thanks to the … magic users !) we go west and tumble on a strange room :

Here, glistening blades of reddish brown stone protrude from the walls, ceiling, and floor. They are shaped variously as disks and like short broadbladed weapons. They are irregular in size and shape and appear to have grown naturally rather than being carved. The stones are sharp and very strong and must be moved around rather than through. The patches of these “blade-stones” vary from a couple feet across to the size of a small flower garden.


We head back, not confident enough in the flour’s stability, and go north, then west, to encounter other goblins in their barracks.


And we fight again … and win.


We win and search the room, and fin a belt pouch with 18 crowns and 2 pyramids (triangular coins of white gold) from Outremerre kingdom, from 30 years old.

THen we follow the tracks to the west (after avoiding a room with a spider web to the south … traumatized you say ? ;) ) and come into a kitchen with 2 more goblins and a blood bowl (don’t ask).


We kill them and search the room for food.
Gefilte find a vile of purple liquid, smelling like lavander, and Beska detects that it’s magical.

Before resting, some of us decide to fo check on the spider web, wich contains a small body.
But as Gefilte throws a torch in the dark cave to see what’s there … a hideous giant spider gets out of tiny hole in the ground !

Let the difficult fight begins (as we are used to with these 8 legged foes …)


20140330_01.JPGOnce more, we fail against a giant spider, even though it flees, but us too, dragging the unconscious bodies of Dargal and Baldar back to the kitchen.



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