Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

On the road again

Towerday, 14th Uthdain 1097

After retrieving Beska’s spellbook (and a few others), we head back to the village to collect our reward.
Shortly after, we hit the road again, intending to go to Malforten.


Around noon, we met a lonely elven ranger named Aerran Silver-Leaf, who’s going after Gritznak too.
Despite Dargal distrust towards elves, Aerran joins us and the travel goes on for the rest of day.

20140202_02.jpgBut as we were starting to look for a nice campsite along the dusty road, a swarm of stirges (blood thristy insect-looking birds) attack us !

The combat goes fast even though Baldar goes down (again) and we rest for the night. In the morning, Beska learns new spells, Gefilte prays and we hit the road to Malforten.

Fireday, 15th Uthdain 1097

“The West Way is a dusty track leading across the grassy plains of western Outremere. It passes through several small villages before ending at the settlement of Malforten. Here, two dozen or so wood and stone houses with thatched roofs are huddled closely together on the upper banks of the Drunderry River.”

“Large willows and oaks are clustered along the river’s banks and around the town, while fields of grain spread out north, south and west of the village. Cattle graze fretfully even further afield. Amongst the cattle and fields are several herdsmen who spy the comings and goings of travelers to Malforten. They call out sharp warnings in the direction of Malforten when anyone approaches, while their large cow-dogs howl and bark guardedly.”


As we approch, a bell begins to chime.

As we arrive in the center of the village, near the well, we discover some sort of warning bell hanging in a frame, and a gentleman standing near it : tall and thin, short breaded hair, bearded. When he saw us, he walks toward us (limping), not looking happy.

The larget building is an inn. A prison is also not far.

20140127_07.jpgThe man, Errol, greets us and ask what business bring us here.
Baldar explains that the group is looking for the Gritznak reward, and that we already took care of some bandits along the road.
Errol asks if these bandits were from the Gritznak gang …
“Do they have a distinctive mark or sign ?” we ask.
Errol says that all of thel have a mark, (3 lines with … something).
It doesn’t ring a bell.

Two previous group of adventurers have tried to stop Gritznak … and never came back.
If we bring back the head of Gritznak, Errol will give us a ring that we can bring back to ??? to be paid.

There’s a shrine of Wenafar around (godess of Nature), a shop called the “Rope & Barrel” and an Inn, “The Empty Flagon”.

We enter the shop.
“Rope & Barrel : This is the only trading store in town. It is always stocked with rope, barrels, salt and lamp oil. He rarely has any but the most common of weapons such as daggers and a few short swords and axes. He never has any armor nor the more exotic of weapons.”
The patron tells us that Gritznak lives in a tower in the swamps and is raising an army of the dead !

We buy some things and then head to the shrine, south-east of town, not to far, to meet the priest Amanda, while Errol keeps an eye on us.

Wenafar.jpgA pagoda like shrine made of wood, with a statue of Wenafar sitting in a buddha like position :
“On the outskirts of Malforten is a pagoda-like shrine to Wenafar, the goddess of the fay. Two sides of the structure are open to the elements, while the other two are constructed of planks of wood. Atop this is a rickety wooden roof. Within is a statue of the goddess Wenafar sitting down with her hands out.”

Some of us make a small prayer and offerings. But there’s no one.
The next full moon is in two days, and it should be a special day for the cult of Wenafar.

So head to the Inn :
“The Empty Flagon is a single story wood structure with a thatch roof. The front of the building is a large common room with a dirt floor, stone fireplace and a single bar. Numerous tables are spaced about the room. In the rear of the Empty Flagon is a series of small rooms that let for 1ry a day.”


“The Empty Flagon is usually empty during the day, but in the mornings and evenings it fills up as people come to enjoy about the only brew to be found in town. Kerrywyn’s brew is not the best to be had, nor even really good, but his potato flapjacks and sausage links are praised for their taste. The food is good and plentiful, with a breakfast costing 5tl, noon meals 10tl and evening meals 5tl. The brew he offers costs 1tl per cup. He often trades food and beer for favors as most of the townspeople have little coin to spend.”


Wow, great job!

On the road again

Thanks :)
My writing is a little childish I guess, but I like to write down info as my memory’s not that good ;-)

On the road again

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