Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

Scounting to the evil temple

Saintsday, 17th Uthdain, 1097 md

We head out of town and met with Kiint north of Malforten.

This is a high point located about a mile north of Malforten. It offers a decent view of the river valley leading down to Malforten. One can easily see the town from this vantage point.

Kiint will take us north but as far as the West Fallow Hills. Then we have to follow the imperial road north.
He manages to avoid the bridge because he knows of a ford north, so we follow tracks and game trails and sometimes the road, going north but avoiding to be too close to river.
Until we access a beach, where the river’s wild but an easy ford is there.


Aerran looks for tracks and find some crocodile tracks !

We prepare for fording : one third of us go scouting (Aerran and Dargal) while Marshall, Gefilte and Baldar stay back. Andesa, Beska and Red go second.
Once done, we gather on a small sand beach.
It’s noon, there’s fresh water, we decide to take a break and eat something.
On the other side, Aerran find tracks of 5 or 6 goblins, heading south by a few days ago.

We go north from here, on the old imperial road with is damaged, but we can see that huge stone blocks were used to build it.
The workmanship must have been made by a race larger than human …

Everything goes well until night time, where we camp in a safe place Kiint knows.
Aerran and I set warning traps around the camp as it seems to be used by a number of travelers.
We take turns for the night, but the night goes without incident.

Saintsday, 18th Uthdain, 1097 md

We go back on the road, led by Kiint.
Mid morning, we noticed that strange little creatures are watching us in the trees.
The elves among us recognize them as Feys (Pixies) !

They wave at us (thus they made themselves visible to us, as they are usually invisible).
We explain to Kiint, who’s kind of surprised, that Amanda the Wenafar priestess is their friend and must have told them about us.
So we decide to go to them.
As we approach, some more appear, all around us.


We talk with them. They can’t help with war against Gritznak but are willing to “take side” with the humans of Malforten if we send them the message that the Pixies don’t want them east of Drunderry River, expanding their domain.
We ask about the Temple, but they don’t know about it. But they tell us about a tower, along the imperial road, that some goblins use as a camp site.
They also agree to be our eyes and ears when possible, and though they can’t heal Kiint, they say that they might help in the future, in this concern.

After the pixies gone, we ate lunch and went up north again.
At dusk, we arrive to a fork and are attacked by a small pack of wolves.


We win the combat easily and make camp.



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