Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

Another sortie into the cave

Gefilte, Andesa, and Beska met up with Marshall in the courtyard of the town’s tavern. They head to the cave. They enter without incident, and make their way to the altar of evil to make sure nothing evil happened.
We did notice one thing at the altar; the chalice we had left there was gone. We did not see that anything had passed since we were here. Marshall noticed some rocks against the wall on the far side of that cavern.
Marshall walked into the bat cave. He disturbed the bats, and we fought them again. After grievously wounding Gefilte, the bats flew off.
We then found a gorge hound, which Marshal took the lead in heroically dispatching. Gefilte wanted to circle around and check out the Dwarves’ bodies again, so we went there. When we reached that point, we were attacked by two more gorge hounds. Beska killed one with a lucky strike with her pole, and the other ran away, grievously wounded. Since Marshal took enough damage to fall unconscious, we went back to our camp to rest afterwards.
The next day we awoke, refreshed, and made our absolutions. We also made a short trip back to town to buy some healing potions. The date is currently Wineday, 6th Uthdain, 1097 md

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