Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

An evening in Malforten

Fireday, 15th Uthdain 1097

Evening. The party enters the Empty Flagon inn in Malforten.

“The Empty Flagon is a single story wood structure with a thatch roof. The front of the building is a large common room with a dirt floor, stone fireplace and a single bar. Numerous tables are spaced about the room. In the rear of the Empty Flagon is a series of small rooms that let for 1ry a day.”


“The Empty Flagon is usually empty during the day, but in the mornings and evenings it fills up as people come to enjoy about the only brew to be found in town. Kerrywyn’s brew is not the best to be had, nor even really good, but his potato flapjacks and sausage links are praised for their taste. The food is good and plentiful, with a breakfast costing 5tl, noon meals 10tl and evening meals 5tl. The brew he offers costs 1tl per cup. He often trades food and beer for favors as most of the townspeople have little coin to spend.”

Dargal, Beska, Aeeran and Baldar get to the bar, order some meads and ask a few questions to ???, the bartender, about Gritznak.
Except things we already know : he sends his flunkies every few months to ask to a ransom to “protect” Malforten. It has last for 4 or 5 years, but the villagers don’t seem to bother that much…
Although, since Amanda, the priestess of Wenafar, has been here, she has tried to “smooth” things up between the villagers and the bandits.

A patron tells us (discreetly) that Gritznak might have a spy in town who tells him if anything foul is a foot.
This patron and his friends The spy is perhaps Ifon, a bard coming from one of big cities in the West, who asks a lot about everything in town.

Swordsday, 16th Uthdain, 1097 md

We spend the night at the inn, have a nice breakfast and … pay a visit to the bard Ifon.
The guy has an hangover. We invite him to the inn, offers him breakfast and ales …
In facts, he’s from the Court of Outremere, which he fled after charming to many married women. He does ask questions but for the sake of his songs.
So we ask him about Gritznak and how suprised we are that the villagers are so … soft about it.
Ifon says that the villagers used to gather to fight problems (like a band of ogres in the past), but now they are mostly ashamed to not be able to settle this “problem”.
Gone north along the river, previous adventurers were ambushed so there must be a spy …

Ifon suggests that we speak to Amanda, who manages in the past to make peace with the Feys around (with offerings), as Feys were angry at the settlers here.

So we head to Amanda’s house, across the street from Ifon’s.

Amanda’s concerned with the bandits and the Feys are too.
The feys say that a thousand years old temple, an unholly place, was abandonned for many years but Griztnak might have been using it as his lair now. This temple is dedicated to … the Horned One (Unklar) !

20140209_03.JPG 20140209_02.JPG

When Gritznak not in the temple, he’s leaving in a moving camp of some sort.
The road to the temple is the old imperial road to the north, to a bridge, because we have to cross the Drunderry river.

We ask her to buy healing potions but as we are supposed to (and said that we will) fight evil, she gives us a jar wich is the equivalent of 6 healing potions (that she charges for 500 crowns normally).
We thank her for this nice gesture.

And Amanda tells us that a Wizard lives in town Blodwyn, and she has an apprentice who would go adventuring perhaps.

We go the Blodwyn’s : she used to be an adventurer, and her annoying young cousin Menlaus and apprentice keeps her from studying as he always wants to go everywhere and “do this and do that”. She’s more than happy to let him accompany us.
And after we checked : yeah, he knows some magic … So he’s preparing to go with us adventuring.

Then, while Aerran and Baldar go around looking for the rangers Aerran heard about from Amanda (rangers who used to meet once a month at the inn and now are gone missing), the rest of the party goes back to the inn, to rest or study (Beska’s still working on the new spells she found in the bandits’ lair).

Aerran finds the tracks of a human heading south-east, who tried to hide his tracks and move silently.
He’s a ugly (ugly !) man, disfigured, who was hiding (like he’s hunting).
He’s name is Kiint and suffers leprecy (gah !).
He says that packs of goblins (sometimes small, sometimes larger) wander up and down the east bank of the river, and he’s willing to guide us up north, avoiding goblins.
In exchange, we offer to ask Amanda if she can cure him.
We agree to meet the next day at dawn.



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