Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

Free, free at last?

We resumed imprisoned. The women were confined in a room along with some women from the village, and the men are chained to the wall in a corridor near a mysterious door through which some prisoners and animals are sometimes moved. After the prisoners are led through the mysterious door, sounds of cheering are audible, possibly an arena.

Andessa finds some trash she can use to pick the lock on the door to their cell. Down the hallway from the cell was a locked door.


They continue opening doors, and find a room with water barrels and a room with animals locked in cages. After going through the animal room, she finds the men chained against the wall. She frees them, and the party is once more reunited. She also frees the rest of the male prisoners.

We explored one of the other rooms, confirming the existence and brutality of the supposed arena, and found much of our clothing and minor equipment. In the same room, Andesa finds a hidden door, which leads to our erstwhile compatriot, Marshall, and a mage he had found, Red Dragon. In that room we found the rest of our equipment, and we took some time to get to know the Red Dragon.




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