Adventures on the Blacktooth Ridge

To the tower ?

Towerday, 19th Uthdain, 1097 md

(After a nice night of rest in a camp, we start our trip again from the question mark on the map below : )


The day is uneventfull. We don’t encounter anything and keep walking.
As we are approaching the West Fallow Hills, Kiint stops here, as he explained before, because he fears this north region that he don’t know that well.
He spends the night with us, and will set us up on the right direction in the morning, before leaving. We pay him 2 crowns for his good work.

During Baldar’s watch in the night, he heard a strange noise, and while trying to wake the others … Goblins attack !


We defeat them pretty easily, thank’s to Andesa’s and Red’s magic, and manage to capture 2 of them and interrogate them.
The only thing valuable that we can get from them is that they are from Gritznak “army” (they insist of that term), and that
“Gritznak often travels to the north along the banks of the Drunderry, accompanied only a few guards, where he meets others of his kind to discuss business”

We hide the bodies, clean the camp site, and finish the night here.

During his watch, Aerran , notice a blueish glow on the horizon (north). Very faint and far away.

Windeay, 20th Uthdain, 1097 md

We head north in the morning, after Kiint started us off on a game trail.
After 2 hours of walking, Aerran (who’s leading) the party, disapears in a hidden pit (10 feet deep) ! And it looks like it magically appears from nowhere !

Gefilte heals Aerran and but nothing much appears. It’s not an ambush.
Could it be an ancient magical trap from the old days of the Horned One’s empire ?
We’ll never know.

We go back on our track, but around noon, an scary unatural darkness falls upon us. Gefilte detects that it comes from magic.
Aerran steps out of it do discover that it’s just a dome of darkness upon one of us.
Walking one by one out the dome, we discover that Gefilte is the victim of the dome of darkness.

We decide to tight a rope around Gefilte waist and guide him (the famous “reverse blind dog trick” it is ;) ) and go forward, surrounding the dome, wich disappears about after an hour.

Then everyone smells something rotten along the way … an evil stench as Beska might have said. All our food has turned bad suddenly.

So we decide to walk another hour and then go foraging and hunting to find some food.
But suddenly, we heard an horn that frightens everyone except Beska and Baldar. Our affraid companions ran like mad for 10 minutes ! Beska and Baldar follow them, not undestanding what’s happening.

After that eventfull day, we decide to make camp and rest, as we should not be far from the source of last night blueish glow, wich might be the evil tower the pixies told us about.

Aerran and Baldar manage to forage some foods for tongiht and next breakfast.
We set a camp withtout fire (just for cooking) and use Beska’s hooded lamp at night to avoid beeing detected.
Aerran goes scouting the tower on his own, at night, as his elven eyes and ranger’s skills makes him the best for the job among us.

During night, a flying serpent (an illusion) appears and warns us to not go further !
After repeating the message several times for a few seconds, the serpent disappears.

Later Aerran comes back and say he went 600 yards close to a ruined castle, with a tower glowing blue at the top.

During the night … Golin zombies attack ! The ones we killed before perhaps ?


Gefilte divine power makes those undead run away, so we profanes can unleash our fury on those running evil creatures.
And that’s all for the night, sleeping to Thunderday, 21st Uthdain, 1097 md.



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